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5 Real Life Deaths Caused by Video Games

Warren Lablanc


14 year old Warren Leblanc was sentenced life in prison for emulating a death scene in 2004. The game in question, Manhunt, it was produced by Rockstar North. Warren lured another 14 year old Stephan Paquera into a nearby park. He stabbed the boy 50 times till he died. In the trail, the mother of the victim was forced to leave the room as details of her son were explained to the judge. At the end of the preccedings the judge stated:

“One thing is clear. You and you alone are responsible for this prolonged, vicious and murderous attack on someone who thought of you as a friend.”

Tyrone Spellman


28 year old Tyrone Spellman beat his 17 month year old daughter to death in 2006. While playing the popular game Ghost Recon, the toddler crawled into the room and accidently fell on his Xbox and broke it. In a fit of range, Spellman repeatidly beat the child, the child’s body was then positioned on a barbell to make the death look like an accident. Spellman fled the scene but turned himself the other day, He said:

“I never intended to kill my very own daughter”

He was given life in prison for 45 years(2051).

Daniel Petrick


In 2007, 16 year old Daniel Patrick shot both of his parents over a disagreement about Halo 3. After his parents found out that he had purchased the game against their wishes, they locked it away in a home safe. Daniel found the key to unlock the safe, unfortunately his game was right next to a gun, reacting on impulse, Daniel grabbed the gun and shot both of his after saying:

“When you close your eyes I have a surprise for you” 

because of his age, Daniel could not be given death penalty and was given life in prison till 2032.



In 2012 an 18 year old known as Chuang died in an internet cafe in Taiwan after excessively playing a video game Diablo 3 for 48 hours straight, a guy found Chuang resting against his computer, he intended to wake up him, Chuang then stood up took a few steps and fell unconcious. He was announced dead an hour later after being sent to the hospital. Bizzard the parent company of Diablo 3 said:

“We feel that moderation is clearly important, and that a person’s day-to-day should take a preedence over his entertainment”



Screenshot (1)

In 2013 an 8 year old intentionally shot his own grandmother Mrs. Smuthers. The event happened only minutes after the boy started playing Grand Theft Auto 4. Friends of the victim have stated that the victim had a juvenile friendly loving and caring relationship and even shared the same bedroom with the boy.

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