Thursday , July 19 2018
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  1. hey musa this is a pretty good website and i have batman arkham knight,evolve,grand theft auto5, the evil within,dying light,killzone shadow fall, destiny,battlefield hardline,assasins creed unity and middle earth shadow of mordor please friend me

  2. hey musa can i be in your web site also ihave blog busters about games that will blow your min and why did abdul hayee have to bein your website he doesnt know any thing about ps4 and thier cds and i know all about them and ican also post some blogs but first you have to make my name into the authors and i forgive you musa so we are even i you have any idea of aryan culture because i am doing the project and im tired of thinking about them thats why im asking you

  3. excuse me abdul hayee gta 5 came in 2013 how is it possible to that the gta5 was relaesed before the xbox 360 launch seriously do you copy all the stuff from the internet because you dont know anything about it and maybe just like that musa told you every thing didny he you liar dont listen to him any one

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