Thursday , July 19 2018
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Mortal Kombat X Review

More Like Fatal Kombat X! This is the Mortal Kombat X Review! Mortal Kombat X is another fighting video game and a production of NetherRealm which was released on 14th of April 2015 for Microsoft windows, Play station 4, Play Station 3,Xbox One and Xbox 360. NetherRealm’s mobile team also developed a version for iOS and android devices.This Time They …

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Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the hot game in town. Everyone is talking about it. But what is it??? Well it is a racing game for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows phone 8, Windows 10. It was released in August 22, 2013 for Android and iOS. The publisher and developers or this game is non other than Gameloft. There are 14 …

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Temple Run 2

You all know it! You all have played it!Yes it’s Temple run.Temple Run 2 is a 2013 endless running video game developed and published by Imangi Studios. It was released on the App Store on January 17, 2013 and on Google Play on January 24.It was downloaded 1 billion times on June 2014. The game is released on Android, IOS …

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Clash Of The Clans Review

Clash of Clans Mortars

Clash Of Clans Review This is the Clash of Clans Review! Clash of Clans! Millions of people said the word countless times. But why so? Well let me show you. Clash of the Clans is the hottest game ongoing on the Android and IOS. 500,000,000 people have Installed the app and SuperCell, the creators of the game- have made $640,000 …

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Fifa 16 Release Date

The game that we could never patient about is here. That’s right. Today we are going to talk about Fifa 16.The latest news tells us that that the the Fifa 16 Release Date Confirmed!This time the game will be include a complete new feature that has never been  included in any other Fifa game.  WOMEN FOOTBALL. It’s true that women also play football …

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