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Dark Siders 2


Dark Siders 2 is an action-role playing game by Vigil Games and THQ. It was Released in August 2012 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and afterwards for WII U on the Australian,European and North American console in November 2012.


The Players take control over Death.One of the four horsemen who seeks to prove his brother War’s innocence and save him from The Charred Council’s punishment of banishment to oblivion.In the begining we find the keeper of secrets where we have a boss fight after that we are transfered to another world which is dying by corruption. Death seeks the help of the Makers,which they cannot due to the silence of their Forge.Now,death must restore the Fire and Tears of the Mountain.It’s a big and awesome story overall.

The game has a bunch of  puzzles for the players to solve their way out of it.It’s an open-world waiting to be explored. Death also has his horse Despair that can be summoned and banished at different stages in the game.There’s a Merchant known as Vulgrim in the game whom we can trade with using Gold coins and Boatman coins,so we can buy clothes and weapons like scythes and hammers.Throughout the game there are a lot of mini-bosses which makes the game interesting. Death also has the powers to climb on walls and wines. We can even get offline gifts from the game itself and after 5% gameplay we can see our first gift tomb where we get some gifts from but we are unable to use them because we require level 5 experience. When we beat enemies there are 90% chances that we might get any equipment  or gold coins. It has a fun and puzzled gameplay.

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