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Fifa 16 Release Date

The game that we could never patient about is here. That’s right. Today we are going to talk about Fifa 16.The latest news tells us that that the the Fifa 16 Release Date Confirmed!This time the game will be include a complete new feature that has never been  included in any other Fifa game.  WOMEN FOOTBALL. It’s true that women also play football and have official Fifa matches but this is the first game there including women in a Fifa game. It is only releasing only for  the major devices, which are the Play Station 3, the Play Station 4, the X Box 360, the X Box One, Android & iOS.

The game will include Female Footballers from 12 national teams which are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the US,all for women. It will be first released in the United Kingdom on 25th September 2015,one of the things I personally like about Fifa is that they release the game two to three months earlier from the original game year.

This  is not just another Fifa game but one of those games which have the highest graphics of all time,Specially in the Play Station 4 and  X Box One. This time,the game’s developer’s have decided that they will not publish this game on Play Station Portable,  PS Vita or Nintendo. Which really is a downside because everyone should enjoy the game, Don’t you think? But that’s not all.

Fifa 16 is the first game in the franchise to allow fans the opportunity to put their favorite player alongside Lionel Messi on the cover of the game in Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Fifa 16 game has an amazing brand new feature that keeps you up to date about all the upcoming LIVE matches. It also tells us which two teams will go on head to head and now the post amazing thing in the history of Fifa, the game also has a feature of 3D game. In that feature you wear 3D glasses and it looks like the match is happening right infront of you. I tell you when you play this game you will not regret it.

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