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Mortal Kombat X Review

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This is the Mortal Kombat X Review! Mortal Kombat X is another fighting video game and a production of NetherRealm which was released on 14th of April 2015 for Microsoft windows, Play station 4, Play Station 3,Xbox One and Xbox 360. NetherRealm’s mobile team also developed a version for iOS and android devices.This Time They Have Amazed Me With the New,Completely New Graphics! They boosted the graphics a lot since the series’ last Installment.

The TWO Horror Boys, Kids I have a warning for you, don’t play this at night, or you’re gonna have nightmares scarier than the movies of these 2 Bad boys.

It was simply a story of two different dimensions fighting it out for the fate of the universe.

In the game the thing i liked the most was the incursion of Earthrealm by Shao Kahn and turning its citizens into slaves but the thing which i did not liked was that the Thunder God defeats Shao Kahn. Moreover I did not liked the tutorials of the game, downloadable and undownloadable content, transactions and the online busy playability.

Eliminating this i generally adored the game as its graphics, illustrations, tuning, cinematic, story, adventure, content, controls and game play was amazing.

The cons include that where and why did Nightwolf, Fujin, and Jax just disappear in to the air? And why some new characters were introduced as they were deteriorated. Additionally why the logistics of 2011 were preowned as long as the unfamiliar ones could have been introduced.images (1)

For the pros, I liked that Shinnok was. the eventual champion. He indeed perceived like a hazard this time. He certainly lived up to his possible. I am upset he did not alive yet.I am sure he is going to come back in the next game.

According to me the rating for this game which i would give is 8.5/10.I hope you enjoyed this Mortal Kombat X Review.

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