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Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005


Need For Speed Most Wanted is a open world racing game which is commonly Known as NFS MW,It was developed by EA Black Box and Published by Electronic Arts.It was released world wide in 2012 for Nintendo DS,PC,PS 2 ,PS 3 and Xbox 360.In October,30 2012 another version developed by Criterion games was released.


You must take it to the streets.The story begins with us and our rival Razor doing our final race.The one who is gonna win was going to get all of the city and when we almost win,Razor calls the cops and gets our car impounded so we lose all our progress and we must start all over to reclaim our title.We start from blacklist member 15 Sonny till blacklist member 1 Razor.


The gameplay is not so bad but good.In the car customization we can change the car’s body kit,roof scoop,exhaust,spoiler,add vinyls e.t.c.There is a motion ability effect which is known as a breaker.When we activate it our car’s speed seems to cut off and in a matter of seconds the car stops.We need to achieve some targets to have a race with a boss,we must win the required races,score bounty and some other stuff but the bosses are eally tough even if you set the difficulty to easy.



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System Requirements


CPU: 1.4 GHz HDD: 3 GB OS: Windows XP RAM: 256 MB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/GTS Direct X: 9.0


CPU: 3 Ghz RAM: 1 GB GPU: NVidia 5900 or ATi 9800 DX: 9.0 OS: Windows X HDD: 3 GB



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