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Need for Speed No Limits Review

This the Need for Speed Limits Review!

Release Date:

Need for speed is a big time racing game which was developed by EA(Electronic Arts) and Fire Monkey Studios it is one of the biggest installments in the history of  Need For Speed, released for iOS and Android, I so do wish that this thing comes for PC as well! The game has been rated 4.5/5, both by Google Play and the App Store. I seriously recommend downloading this game but I also recommend good mobiles for the best gameplay and graphics!

no limits gameplay iphone 6

The Interface seems quite nice, the nitro bar is on the top middle and there’s a analog speedometer which tells you speed in MPH, on top left corner you can see how much progress have you made in the particular race and on top right corner you can see your position and lap time.

no limits

Common Issue:

I don’t know much about No Limits neither have I played  more than two days but the gameplay is just epic! I’ve read some bad comments in the Play Store and App Store but the truth is that all of them say that the graphics just suck, actually the thing is that the game has been coded in a way that it runs the graphics only which are compatible with your device, I’m a 11 year old kid who has a mobile only for calling purposes which cost me 60$ only, but it did have android jellybean 4.2.2, so I downloaded the game and ran it and the graphics were so bad like I was playing Minecraft but when I downloaded it in my dad’s Iphone 6 plus, The game was better than the screenshots!

I hope you found this Need for Speed No Limits Review helpful! If you like this game download it from here

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