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So the one and only official S8 and S8+ are here and that is super duper shupper(and any other rhyming word possible)great! Because this indicates that the downrate of the S7. Downrate means down price means that the price of the S7 is going down and it is my pleasure to tell you that there is a sale going at for this metal curved, round and edged screen Samsung Galaxy S7. The S8 was already a cause for the decrease and on top of that a sale, so it’s gonna go very low,let me just check the price……………..Ahh, here it is! The S7 without sale was for 61,500 PKR and now it’s for  51,499 and bro if you hit that share button that this is good for you! Especially those students out there who got an A* and deserve a flagship mobile, a flagship mobile is the one that is or has been used as a company’s best/latest phone. So this is what you probably saw before coming here. sale


So you want to purchase this mobile then click over here to get your S7 edge along with a discount of 16%.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge product page 

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