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Top 10 Most Played Games of All Time

Ever wonder that you have spend 100 s of hours of your life playing video games but you should know that you are not alone in your hobby, Let’s review some of the games that have taken most of the time of people’s lives.

10.Team Fortress 2

i55_promo                                                                                                                              After it became free to play in 2007,  Team Fortress 2 was being played worldwide, it may look old now but is often found in steam’s most played games list. The total time spent playing this game is estimated to be 2 billion hours.

9. Halo


Has it really been 15 years since the first installment in the Halo series, even though was it one of the most popular console games to be ever created, it’s estimated to have a total playtime of 3 Billion Hours.

8. Counter Strike Series


Initially, it was released on Half-Life Mod and even after a decade of time since release this game is still labeled in the “Top 10 Most Played Games of All Time”. The Counter-Strike Series has an estimated playtime of 3.6 billion hours.

7. Grand Theft Auto V


Today’s 3 dimensional GTA has become one of the most iconic games on Earth and being made on multiple platforms really helped boosting the game’s playtime but it was the Mutiplayer feature which increased the playtime to 4 Billion hours.


Fantasy-Minecraft-House-HD-Wallpaper (1)

Who would have imagined that an independent sandbox game with retro pixelated graphics would have become so popular that it got a southpart episode based on it. The game’s creator Markus Persson would be so thankful that his creation got 5 billion hours of mining, building and breaking.

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